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    1. Every student must bring school diary every day.

    2. Every student is expected to be in the assembly ground at the First bell i.e. 5 minutes before the assembly commences. Anyone coming late may not be allowed entry without the written permission of the Principal. Regular late comers will not be allowed entry.

    3. A child who comes late regularly and any one comes late more than thrice. Will be asked to go back home. Be punctual.

    4. No leave of absence is granted except on a written application from parents or guardian. Leave must be entered on the “Leave Record” page of the diary and must be duly signed by the Principal.

    5. If a student is absent due to sickness the Principal must be informed.

    6. When a student who has been absent for any reason returns to the school he/she must bring the reason duly entered on the “Non attendance and Leave Record” page of the diary and signed by the parents or guardian, failing which the pupil will be refused admission and sent home. In this case the school disclaims all responsibility.

    7. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
      (A) Every student must have a copy of the school diary, with Student’s name and other details including the specimen signatures of        parents/guardian must be filled in within a week of the re-opening of the school.
      (B) Daily lessons, reports if any, and home work should be noted in it.
      (C) Parents must check the diary regularly, note remarks, reports and sign them promptly.
      (D) Students are liable to be sent home if their report/remarks are not signed.

    8. School is not responsible for books, money, clothes etc. lost Students must take care of their own things. It is not advisable to bring valuables to school.

    9. All are expected to keep up the high standard of the school excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of the school.

    10. Students are expected to help in keeping the classrooms and school premises clean and healthy.

    11. A Student returning to school after an infection or contagious disease should produce a medical fitness certificate from a doctor permitting him/her to attend the school .

    12. Rules and regulations of the library/Lab and other departments should be followed as and when they are informed to you.

    13. In case a student is detected taking alcoholic drinks, carrying obscene books, mobile phone any electronic goods or articles or detected writing filthy item on the property of the school, he/she shall be rusticated from the school without prior notice.

    14. Mobile phones, expensive watches, gold chains, gold earrings any bands on the bands on the hands or neck are not allowed.

    15. In keeping up with Indian culture the students are to wear decent dresses and proper haircuts be done, and not stylish else the student may be asked not come to the school.

    16. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.

    17. Any kind of damage done to the school premises will have to be made good by the student

    18. No books, newspapers or periodicals or comics may be brought into the school premises without the principal’s sanction.

    19. The Principal is fully authorized to penalize any Student who is not punctual, who does not attend national functions, does not come in school dress or does not carry out the work written in his/her Diary.

    20. The Student whose attendance falls short of 75% during the Session will have no right to appear either in the Annual or Board examinations.

    21. The school is not responsible for books, money, clothes etc lost. Students must look after their own things.

    22. During interval no student shall remain in the Classroom in any circumstances. Class monitor shall be especially watchful about this.

    23. If a child is sick do not bring her/him to school.

    24. Parents/ Guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the Students or meet their teacher during school hours without the sanction of the Principal.

    25. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.

    26. Student are expected to speak in English in the school premises. The School reserves to itself the right to dismiss pupils whose diligence or progress in study is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to others or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards, irregular absence, habitual idleness and disobedience.
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