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  • St. Paul Sr. Sec. School,Barmer

    St. Paul Sr. Sec. School, Barmer

    CBSE Affiliation No.1730423



    1. Open to all the children irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.

    2. Age for L.K.G class is 3 to 4 years and correspondingly for higher classes. (The forms for new admission will be issued by 15th Feb of every year for the following session)

    3. Admission for L.K.G class is only on the basis of first come first served.

    4. No recommendations are entertained.

    5. Application for registration to be made on the prescribed form attached enclosing the following documents. (a) Registration certificate of Date of Birth from Municipal Council for classes L.K.G to I is indispensable. (b) True copy of the latest progress report.( for higher classes if vacancy arises) (c) All certificate of co -curricular activities. .( for higher classes if vacancy arises) (d) One passport Size photograph of the child has to fix in the space provided on the Registration form. The parent will over-sign the Photograph. (e) Parents photograph with the child also to be fixed and the parents will sign in the respective place.


    1. Kindly fill the challan form with correct Scholar's Register No., Name ,Class, Section & Contact No. in clear letters.

    2. Fees will be collected in four installments namely in April, July, October, January. Kindly fill in the date at the given place according to the installment month .

    3. Fees will be collected by IDBI Bank opposite to railway station Barmer . April, July, October & January between 10.00A.M.and 2.00 P.M. and on Saturdays between 10.00A.M. and 12.00 P.M

    4. All fees must be paid before the last date of the quarterly installment (that is 30th June, 30th September , 31st December, 15th March), else fine of Rs 150/- will be taken for the unpaid previous one quarter , Rs 300/- for two quarters along with the usual school fees. The names of those students whose fees are in arrears for three consecutive installments will be struck off the register. Defaulters may be re-admitted on paying the arrears and the re-admission fee of Rs.5000.00/-. Habitual defaulter's name will be struck off the rolls/ register.

    5. Parents are advised to pay the fees in the Bank preferably in local cheques for your convenience and for saving your time. Please write the details of the students on the back of the cheque without fail.

    6. The parents are requested to keep the stamped receipt.


    A student shall be liable to dismissal from school on any of the following grounds:

    1. Inability to follow classes in English

    2. Continuous lack of progress in class. Those who fail Twice in the same class.

    3. Acts of indiscipline and insubordination.

    4. Absence for more than ten days without application on the prescribed form.

    5. If some ones name is maligned in social media

    6. Do not respect female student/ staff



    1. The parents/guardians MUST SEE THAT THE DATE OF BIRTH WHICH IS FILLED in the Application Form at the time of Admission of your ward is correct, as it WILL NOT BE CHANGED afterwards.

    2. The parents/guardians are advised to check- up the diaries of the children regularly to watch their progress.

    3. Once the Admission is sought, every parent/guardian /student is liable to follow the rules and regulations of the school management also any modification from time to time thereof.

    4. It is imperative for every student to have 75% of attendance every month, failing which they will not be allowed to appear at the concerned examinations.
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