St. Paul’s School, Barmer, is one of the many schools run by the Roman Catholic Diocesan Society of Ajmer. Which comes under the Religious Minority Educational Institutes.

The school aims at training the students for academic excellence, high moral values in everyday life and cultural and physical development. This school is committed to inculcate in every student values of loyalty to the country, love for God and neighbour, respect for all religions and peoples, generosity to the poor and the needy and readiness to be at the service of all.

Equal importance is given to the study of both English and Hindi languages so that the child picks up the basic concepts in everyday life in a early stage and prepare himself/herself for higher education.


1. Every student must bring school diary every day.

2. Every student is expected to be in the assembly ground at the First bell i.e. 5 minutes before the assembly commences. Anyone coming late may not be allowed entry without the written permission of the Principal.

Regular late comers will not be allowed entry.

3. A child who comes late regularly and any one comes late more than thrice. Will be asked to go back home. Be punctual.

4. No leave of absence is granted except on a written application from parents or guardian. Leave must be entered on the “Leave Record” page of the diary and must be duly signed by the Principal.

5. If a student is absent due to sickness the Principal must be informed.

6. When a student who has been absent for any reason returns to the school he/she must bring the reason duly entered on the “Non attendance and Leave Record” page of the diary and signed by the parents or guardian, failing which the pupil will be refused admission and sent home. In this case the school disclaims all responsibility.

7. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.

a. Every student must have a copy of the school diary, with Student’s name and other details including the specimen signatures of parents/guardian must be filled in within a week of the re-opening of the school.

b. Daily lessons, reports if any, and home work should be noted in it.

c. Parents must check the diary regularly, note remarks, reports and sign them promptly.

d. Students are liable to be sent home if their report/remarks are not signed.

8. School is not responsible for books, money, clothes etc. lost Students must take care of their own things. It is not advisable to bring valuables to school.

9. All are expected to keep up the high standard of the school excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of the school.

10. Students are expected to help in keeping the classrooms and school premises clean and healthy.

11. A Student returning to school after an infection or contagious disease should produce a medical fitness certificate from a doctor permitting him/her to attend the school .

12. Rules and regulations of the library/Lab and other departments should be followed as and when they are informed to you.

13. In case a student is detected taking alcoholic drinks, carrying obscene books, mobile phone any electronic goods or articles or detected writing filthy item on the property of the school, he/she shall be rusticated from the school without prior notice.

14. Mobile phones, expensive watches, gold chains, gold earrings any bands on the bands on the hands or neck are not allowed.

15. In keeping up with Indian culture the students are to wear decent dresses and proper haircuts be done, and not stylish else the student may be asked not come to the school.

16. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.

17. Any kind of damage done to the school premises will have to be made good by the student

18. No books, newspapers or periodicals or comics may be brought into the school premises without the principal’s sanction.

19. The Principal is fully authorized to penalize any Student who is not punctual, who does not attend national functions, does not come in school dress or does not carry out the work written in his/her Diary.

20. The Student whose attendance falls short of 75% during the Session will have no right to appear either in the Annual or Board examinations.

21. The school is not responsible for books, money, clothes etc lost. Students must look after their own things.

22. During interval no student shall remain in the Classroom in any circumstances. Class monitor shall be especially watchful about this.

23. If a child is sick do not bring her/him to school.

24. Parents/ Guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the Students or meet their teacher during school hours without the sanction of the Principal.

25. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.

26. Student are expected to speak in English in the school premises. The School reserves to itself the right to dismiss pupils whose diligence or progress in study is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to others or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards, irregular absence, habitual idleness and disobedience.


1. Students are expected to come in clean and proper uniform prescribed by

the school.

2. Anyone coming without the above, may not be allowed entry in class.

3. If for some reason a student is unable to come in school uniform, a request to permit him/her entry in class may be made to the Principal with reasons in writing by the parents.


A child could be removed for the following reasons:-

1. As a rule, boy/girl who is two and a half years old shall be admitted to Nursery. A corresponding age scale is fixed for the succeeding classes.

2. Date of Birth of a child once given shall not be changed and parents are advised not to ask for a change.

3. A boy/girl who applies for admission to Nursery or Kindergarten shall produce an official Birth Certificate from the Municipality in support of the date of birth to be entered in the admission form.

4. A candidate for admission who has attended any recognized school will have to submit a Transfer Certificate from the previous school.

5. Documents submitted for admission shall not be returned even if the candidate is not admitted.

6. A calendar month’s notice is to be given before the fees will have to be paid, such notice should be given in writing by the parents / guardian.

7. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until all sums due to the school have been paid in full.


1. Inability to follow classes in English.

2. Continuous lack of progress in class.

3. Those retained in the same class previously once.

4. Absence for more than ten days without any application or information.

5. Acts of indiscipline and insubordination.

6. Immoral acts of stealing, damaging the school property and misbehaviour, irregular attendance.

7. Non –payment of school fees.

8. Parents misbehaviour with teachers and school management.

9. Conviction by a court of law for any criminal offence.


1. As per CBSE instructions, academic sessions, studies, and evaluation will be a done through various methods.

2. Students absent from examination for any reason are not re-examined and those absent from an examination without grave reason will be considered as having failed.

3. Promotion is granted on the basis of the total obtained in all the exams.

4. One must score minimum grade marks in all subjects in order to be considered for promotion.

5. A student once declared E-grade shall not be considered for promotion.

6. Students who use unfair means or give assistance in any from during tests or examination or tamper with the evaluated answer sheets in anyway or alter the marks in the report card or answer sheets, will be given zero in that subject or may be suspended from the School. Repetition of the same will result in the dismissal of the Student from the School.

7. Students are expected to take part in all the competitions, contests conducted in school and all co-curricular activities.

8. Honesty , cleanliness of person and dress , good manners and loyalty are expected from each student, anyone not conforming to the school ideals in these matters may , after due notice to the parents , be asked to leave.

Intellectual Development

The Development of your mind, the gathering of information in the different subjects of your study, digesting this information and putting it into a practical framework will be the major part of your education here. Let your aim of study be not just to successfully reproduce in an examination what you have learnt, but to cultivate the art of thinking for yourself , of thinking analytically and critically and expressing yourself clearly.

Do not limit yourself to class material .Go deep into your subject by regular study and wide reading. Various competition and activities will help you in this.

Learning requires regular work. Have a time – table for your home study and follow it. The school has excellent library . Make good use of this particularly during your free hours. Your librarian and teachers will help you to select the right books if you approach them.

Physical Development

“A sound mind rests in a sound body” goes the old adage. Towards the integral development of your personality it is essential that you give importance also to the development of your bodily powers through games and athletics and acquire skills for body tonality and endurance . The school has play grounds and good facilities. If you are judged good enough to don the school in any team consider it a happy privilege.

Spiritual Development

The School gives the highest importance to spiritual formation and character building. Ultimately a person is what his spiritual and moral values are, and the aspect of your education that you will carry with you all your life will be this one.

Your character is the sum total of your values which express themselves through your attitudes , dealing and relation with others, and the world around you, as also the way you face problems and challenges of life. The time in school is the period when you have to build up your value system honesty , justice , co-operation , fellowship and concern for other, belief in and a filial devotion to God and a universal love that embraces all people cutting across barriers of religion or caste or nationality .

As a help to this you have regular programme in value Education. Perhaps even more than this you will pick up your values from your companions and elders while you yourself by your life will be influencing the value system of others.

Essential to any spiritual and value formation is self-discipline , the systematic effort to channelize your impulses , emotions and feelings to their proper end and make them a power for good. Lack of discipline results in confusion and chaos, both internal and external , personal and social where no true education is possible. Thus the rules of discipline of the school will help you to cultivate interior self-discipline if you interiorise them in the right spirit.

The habit of regular prayer and meditation is earnestly recommended to all.

Co-curricular Activities

A good part of our education , the broadening of our horizons, inculcation of values , learning to relate to and to deal with others, exercise of participative leadership etc. takes place through co-curricular activities. The school provides rich opportunities in this regard and we have a dedicated staff who willingly give a lot of their time for the benefit of the students.

Social Concern

We are well aware that the crying need of our times is not only persons with a vision but also persons with a mission. With a genuine social consciousness and a heart for others.

We need people who are genuinely socially conscious who find meaning of life by being at the real service of others even at the cost to themselves , men and women for others.

Eco Friendly Campus

School is making a conscious effort to maintain the campus as a green- clean campus . Several steps have been initiated in this regard.

1. Vermi-Bin: All the biological waste, and dry leaves generated in the campus are converted to organic compost.

2. Rain water harvesting : The campus building are designed to store and re-use the main water in the undergrounds tanks.

3. Solar Energy: The use of solar energy has been promoted extensively in the campus to provide lighting and water heating facility.

4. Green Audit : Students are motivated to develop sensitivity towards nature and ecological balance.

Staff – Student Rapport

Our lives are shaped very much by the people with whom we constantly interact and here it will be you teachers. You have an excellent staff in this school , make good use of their experience and knowledge through constant personal contact both inside ad outside the classroom. Today more than ever, closer ties between staff and students is the only way to counteract the many problems arising from the impersonal atmosphere prevailing in much of our school education . This would of course mean that you are willing to be guided by your teachers

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